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Being a healer is boring?
Being a healer is easy?

Then go ahead and try playing a healer using only one finger and see for yourself. Without a competent healer a dungeon raid is doomed from the beginning, so keep it alive!

LD46 (48h) - https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/46/metahealer



Pick up skills
Place skills on the green keys


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Very cool game, sadly I didn't have time to view it during LD. Visuals are very solid and gameplay is simple, but fun. The balance is not that good though. Actually, the premise is very similar to my submission, which I consider funny)


Casual player here.

Tried everything, selected characters, jumped on + multiple times...still the party got defated. I guess I need some feedback (audio or visual) on what I'm doing wrong or right. Other tan that I realy liked the sounds and the gfx and how smooth and responsive the controls were.

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You have to pick up the abilities and drop them on the respective green keys - if you're not doing so already. During the 48h I playtested my game so much that I got really good at it and maybe lost sight of the actual difficulty (I even made it harder just before the deadline..), and many things which are considered unintuitive just felt natural to me, so thanks for feedback.

I have a huge list of ideas on how to improve my game but unfortunately I don't have enough time at hand right now to implement a post-compo version. But that's definitely on my todo list.


Really tight and focused gameplay loop and neat concept. Gave me flashbacks to my MMO-playing days. I kind of wish you could pick up power-ups automatically and only hit enter when you wanted to use them to heal somebody.

Can you link this to your Ludum Dare submission so I can rate it? There should be a custom field for it in the itch page if you used the Ludum Dare tag.

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Thanks for feedback, I put a link in the description.

Yeah, I already have that on my todo-list but ran out of time in the end. Maybe I'll create a post-compo version.